3 Creative Ideas To Market Your Film

We sat there in front of our laptops, staring at the notification icon on various social media channels. There was only one thought running through our heads as we waited..

What if nobody watches it?

It’s something I think about a lot. Creatives around the world making art on a daily basis, putting their heart and soul into something that usually gets sent out for the world to see. For me it's gut-wrenching because the work I create is so closely connected to who I am - it is like exposing myself, piece by piece.

So how do we get our work in front of the right audience? How to we build a community around the stories we are telling?

Well, a few weeks ago I had the privilege to chat to Annie from MO Creative Marketing who had some interesting examples of films that are leading the way with engagement in their communities.


Go Viral

Annie: If you’re wanting to be remarketed then it is time to do something remarkable. Think Game of Thrones style – they headed to Dorset beach and erected a bus-sized dragon’s skull and made it appear to have washed up on the shore.

Diana: I love this, I am already pondering how I can link this to Mama Collective and the idea of so many mothers feeling like failures!

Marketing films

Engage your audience

Annie: When you visit the Breaking Bad, Hunger Games, or World War Z Facebook Page, you can see some very creative ways to engage audiences such as games, contests, and fun apps to use. On top of this, the updates are frequent and very engaging.

Diana: This is why I love Crowdfunding campaigns.. we are taken on the journey. We feel connected from the start to the project and the purpose and share the excitement when it progresses and finally goes public.

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Embrace Instagram

Annie: The Great Gatsby movie cleverly used Instagram filters to make photographs of the film, actors, and events have an old look, resonating both with the ‘Instagram style’ and the old theme of the movie. See if you can find clever ways to immerse your fans into your world.

Diana: I have seen a number of screen projects with their own Instagram and Facebook accounts. It is a great way to separate out what you are doing and focus on a particular style and content that is relevant to your community.

What creative ideas do you have to market your film? Email me at diana@dianafisk.com to share the conversation!

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