How the YES vote taught me the power of asking

I sat in my living room nervously waiting.. 9:37am, 9:42am, 9:56am, 9:57am, 9:59am….


‘Hang on… why has the ABC news stopped and Antiques Roadshow started? WHERE’S THE REMOTE?!!?!?!’

Ok.. it’s ok..

And so I sat. Like many, many Australians, I sat. I waited for the serious ABS man to get to the point and tell us whether I would be celebrating today or joining a riot gang (kidding… kind of).

“Of 12.7 million votes, 61.6 per cent were returned in favour of same-sex marriage.”

And there it was. The moment that so many people had been waiting for. A long, long overdue moment, but there it was all the same.

I knew I would be happy, but I have to say, my reaction surprised me. I sat in the living room with the TV on in front of me, and I wept.

I wept for my best friend who at the age of 16 years old couldn’t get the words out to tell me he was gay. I wept for my friends and family who have chosen not to have a civil ceremony but instead they have waited and waited.

I sat on my couch, messaging my best friend, telling him I just wanted to give the world a big rainbow cuddle and wondering how the heck I could somehow give away some of the joy I was feeling.

And then it came to me. A few years ago filming weddings and events was my full time business. There was something about being involved in such a personal and intimate moment for people that I really treasured and missed. Although I don’t film weddings at all anymore, I couldn’t help but think… why not?

I almost immediately jumped into Canva, put together a competition image and shared it on my page. I decided to give away a free wedding package in 2018 out of love, and for love. This was shared straight away and the response within the first hour made me even happier.

What happened next however was pretty special. A photographer friend of mine suggested that we do it together. YES. Then she asked ‘what if we open this up to the wedding community, see who else wants in?’ YES.

I went to work. I shared it with the biggest networking page I am part of in the Facebook world. And, let me tell you - IT WENT OFF.

I am sitting here writing this post two weeks later and the response has been incredible. We now have a competition running with wedding photography and filming, invitations, a venue, a wedding coordinator, a celebrant, hair and makeup, a cake maker, gifts, someone who specialises in competitions to help pull it off (yes that’s a thing), all in all a competition worth over $21,000 AUD!!!

Not just that, but this has now kicked off similar share the love campaigns in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane!

If you are interested in entering our ultimate LOVE IS LOVE wedding package, you can do so by clicking here. I can’t wait to give this away to an amazing couple and for us to all have a day celebrating the simplicity of two people in love.

And so, the moral of this unexpected blog post? Ask. I wouldn’t have considered asking around if it weren’t for my friend Bree suggesting, but I sure as hell will in the future. What turned out to be a bit of a bonus for someone on their wedding day will now completely transform their most treasured day.


One final note, if you are in Melbourne or surrounding areas and looking for a photographer, Love Bree Photography is incredible. Bree did all the shots you see on my website. She is compassionate, she is generous and she is a bloody great photographer. Check her out.


Diana Fisk