“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why."

— Mark Twain



The story of three of Australia's fastest growing startups—SafetyCulture, Vinomofo, and Canva ­as they scale from garage to millions of users and worldwide impact.

The New Hustle follows the personal journeys of the founders as they develop and iterate on their idea, attempt to bring it to market, raise capital, and face countless challenges along the way. Explore what motivates each founder and how they're attempting to overcome the massive odds against any startup in today's world.

Role: Producer


From Farm Boy To Hollywood Cinematographer (2017)

The untold story of story of Shane Hurlbut, ASC.

Role: Producer

Check it out here.


E Light Electric (2016)

SafetyCulture case study outlining the changes present on the implementation of iAuditor.

Role: Producer



66 million girls around the world will never get the chance to go to school, just because they were born a girl. This October put on a school dress for those that can’t. Doesn’t matter if you wear it to mow the lawn, do the shopping or skydive. When you put on a dress and raise money, you can educate a girl!

A non profit film created to support the Do It In A Dress campaign with One Girl.

Role: Producer