The problem with the new rape advice

As we said goodnight there was a brief pause, not completely unfamiliar, but perhaps more obvious that evening in light of the recent news. Neither of us said anything, though I wondered if she was thinking it too.

‘Will she be okay if we go our separate ways tonight? Will I be okay?’

I watched her get into a taxi and settled myself, she was a short ride from home and my car was only a few blocks away.

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Diana Fisk
The danger of idolisation.

The first time I was let down by an idol, I was thirteen years old.

The week prior one of my high school friends came bounding up to me as we were waiting outside the music room. She breathlessly told me that one of our favourite stars from ‘Neighbours’ was coming to a local nightclub for a teenage dance. And, that she was inviting me to go backstage for a meet and greet with him afterwards.

That night was a big night for me. With the exception of seeing a few AFL footballers from a great distance, this was the first time I was going to meet someone famous. Like, really famous.

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Diana Fisk
Is all hope lost for young career women?

I stared at the computer screen and re-read the question.

‘How can young women get involved to overcome gender inequality and sexual harassment?’

It was an innocent question asked in an email by a communication student writing about the #metoo movement.

I was happy to help and give my perspective, the only problem being... I’m not even really sure I know myself.

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Diana Fisk
A journey to 'Time's Up'

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K.

Don Burke, Craig McLachlan...

The end of 2017 was shaping up to be as awful as when we started hearing about Bill Cosby, Robert Hughes, Rolf Harris and many more, when the world starting speaking up about peodofilia.

I listened, I watched and I felt both empowered and powerless simultaneously.

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Diana Fisk
3 Creative Ideas To Market Your Film

We sat there in front of our laptops, staring at the notification icon on various social media channels. There was only one thought running through our heads as we waited..

What if nobody watches it?

It’s something I think about a lot. Creatives around the world making art on a daily basis, putting their heart and soul into something that usually gets sent out for the world to see. For me it is gut-wrenching because the work I create is so closely connected to who I am - it is like exposing myself, piece by piece.

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Diana Fisk
My scary New Year's resolution

I’m not big on resolutions, but this year I did decide to start putting into action some things i’ve been avoiding for a while now.

You would think for someone who is around cameras all the time and have seen countless interviews take place, I would be fine with jumping in the hot seat, right? Wrong!

I despise being in front of the camera… my mind goes blank, my cheeks get a little flustered and sometimes my voice even gets a little squeaky. I would prefer to stand up in front of hundreds of people than get in front of that pricey black box.

Nevertheless, I know it’s time for things to change.

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Diana Fisk
And that's a wrap.. almost.

I often wonder whether how you enter into something makes an impact on the experience itself.

For example, an olympic athlete who had an unfortunate car accident on the way to their event. How much would that impact their performance on the day?

If it does make a difference my 2017 was bound to be pretty challenging. I was enjoying a hike with some amazing friends on new years eve when I received an awful phone call. Someone very close to me, who I loved so much, had passed away and was found in his home, alone, that morning.

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Diana Fisk
My top ten lessons in crowdfunding (so far)

Research, research, research. I love having time to research.

It has been one week since I set myself the challenge of creating a kickass crowdfunding campaign for a project that is very close to my heart.

If you haven’t seen the blog that I am referring to, you may want to check it out here before reading on.

So, this week my research has been based on one question… what the heck do I have to do to put the ‘kickass’ into this campaign?

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Diana FiskComment
Stop making these 5 online video content mistakes

The familiar notification alert popped up in the top right hand corner, I clicked on it and was surprised at what I found.

‘You have been invited to the page Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine

To some people the name could be potentially off putting, I on the other hand, was of course instantly attracted to join.

And so, it began. A group of over 50,000 members, all women, most who are running their own kick ass businesses, with the intention to have an open forum of support and information.

I couldn’t help notice the amount of video content that was being shared, and why not..

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Diana Fisk